With Netscape

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to add the root certificate to Netscape.

You can click on a picture to get more details.


Once you've clicked on the certificate to install it, Netscape pops up the New Certificate Authority dialog. Click Next.


Netscape gives you more details on what is a root certificate. Click Next.


Netscape show you who issued the certificate. Click Next.


Netscape asks you what you're going to trust this certificate for.

  • the Accept this Certificate Authority for Certifying network sites button;
  • and the Accept this Certificate Authority for Certifying software developers button.

Then click Next.


Netscape asks once again if you're really sure about this...

They make this looks scary, but it is not.

Click Next.


Finally you're asked to give a nickname to this certificate. Enter something like Fifi.Org and click Next.

You're done !