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Installing Ada mode on your system
Setting up Ada mode to your taste
Project files
Describing the organization of your project
Syntax highlighting
Using specific colors and fonts to highlight
the structure of your files
Moving Through Ada Code
Moving easily through Ada sources
Identifier completion
Finishing words automatically
Index Menu of Subprograms
A menu of all the types and subprograms
defined in your application
File Browser
Easy access to your files
Automatic Smart Indentation
Indenting your code automatically as you type
Formatting Parameter Lists
Formating subprograms parameter lists
Automatic Casing
Adjusting the case of words automatically
Statement Templates
Inserting code templates
Comment Handling
Reformatting comments easily
Compiling Executing
Working with your application within Emacs
Debugging your application
Using non-standard file names
Configuring Emacs for special file names
Working Remotely
Working on a different machine

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