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(gnus)Scanning New Messages

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Scanning New Messages

     Check the server(s) for new articles.  If the numerical prefix is
     used, this command will check only groups of level ARG and lower
     (`gnus-group-get-new-news').  If given a non-numerical prefix, this
     command will force a total re-reading of the active file(s) from
     the back end(s).

     Check whether new articles have arrived in the current group
     `gnus-goto-next-group-when-activating' says whether this command is
     to move point to the next group or not.  It is `t' by default.

`C-c M-g'
     Activate absolutely all groups (`gnus-activate-all-groups').

     Restart Gnus (`gnus-group-restart').  This saves the `.newsrc'
     file(s), closes the connection to all servers, clears up all
     run-time Gnus variables, and then starts Gnus all over again.

   `gnus-get-new-news-hook' is run just before checking for new news.

   `gnus-after-getting-new-news-hook' is run after checking for new

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