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(reftex)varioref (LaTeX package)

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`varioref': Variable Page References

   `varioref' is a frequently used LaTeX package to create
cross-references with page information.  When you want to make a
reference with the `\vref' macro, just press the `v' key in the
selection buffer to toggle between `\ref' and `\vref' (Note:
Referencing Labels).  The mode line of the selection buffer shows the
current status of this switch.  If you find that you almost always use
`\vref', you may want to make it the default by customizing the
variable `reftex-vref-is-default'.  If this toggling seems too
inconvenient, you can also use the command `reftex-varioref-vref'(1).
Or use AUCTeX to create your macros (Note: AUCTeX).

   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1) bind it to `C-c v'.

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