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Berkeley DB: DB->set_bt_minkey



#include <db.h>

int DB->set_bt_minkey(DB *db, u_int32_t bt_minkey);


Set the minimum number of keys that will be stored on any single Btree page.

This value is used to determine which keys will be stored on overflow pages, i.e. if a key or data item is larger than the underlying database page size divided by the bt_minkey value, it will be stored on overflow pages instead of within the page itself. The bt_minkey value specified must be at least 2; if bt_minkey is not explicitly set, a value of 2 is used.

The DB->set_bt_minkey interface may only be used to configure Berkeley DB before the DB->open interface is called.

The DB->set_bt_minkey function returns a non-zero error value on failure and 0 on success.


An invalid flag value or parameter was specified.

Called after DB->open was called.

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