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Berkeley DB: DB->sync



#include <db.h>

int DB->sync(DB *db, u_int32_t flags);


The DB->sync function flushes any cached information to disk.

If the database is in memory only, the DB->sync function has no effect and will always succeed.

The flags parameter is currently unused, and must be set to 0.

See DB->close for a discussion of Berkeley DB and cached data.

The DB->sync function returns a non-zero error value on failure, 0 on success, and returns DB_INCOMPLETE if the underlying database still has dirty pages in the cache. (The only reason to return DB_INCOMPLETE is if another thread of control was writing pages in the underlying database file at the same time as the DB->sync function was being called. For this reason, a return of DB_INCOMPLETE can normally be ignored, or, in cases where it is a possible return value, there may be no reason to call DB->sync.)


The DB->sync function may fail and return a non-zero error for the following conditions:

An invalid flag value or parameter was specified.

The DB->sync function may fail and return a non-zero error for errors specified for other Berkeley DB and C library or system functions. If a catastrophic error has occurred, the DB->sync function may fail and return DB_RUNRECOVERY, in which case all subsequent Berkeley DB calls will fail in the same way.

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