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GtkHTMLEmbedded widget

GtkHTMLEmbedded widget


GtkHTMLEmbedded widget -- Container for widgets embedded in the document.


The GtkHTML Embedded widget is simple container designed to hold widgets embedded by using <object> elements.


gtk_html_embedded_new ()

GtkWidget*  gtk_html_embedded_new           (char *classid,
                                             char *name,
                                             char *type,
                                             char *data,
                                             int width,
                                             int height);

Create a new GtkHTMLEmbedded widget. Note that this function should never be called outside of gtkhtml.

gtk_html_embedded_set_parameter ()

void        gtk_html_embedded_set_parameter (GtkHTMLEmbedded *ge,
                                             char *param,
                                             char *value);

The parameter named name to the value.

gtk_html_embedded_set_descent ()

void        gtk_html_embedded_set_descent   (GtkHTMLEmbedded *ge,
                                             int descent);

Set the descent of the widget beneath the baseline.