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GtkHTML widget

GtkHTML widget


GtkHTML widget -- widget for rendering HTML

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GtkHTML widget is lightweight HTML viewer / container. It provides an easy way for viewing HTML documents in your application and for layout UI of your application throught HTML.


gtk_html_new ()

GtkWidget*  gtk_html_new                    (void);

GtkHTML widget contructor. It creates an empty GtkHTML widget.

gtk_html_new_from_string ()

GtkWidget*  gtk_html_new_from_string        (const gchar *str,
                                             gint len);

GtkHTML widget constructor. It creates an new GtkHTML widget and loads HTML source from str. It is intended for simple creation. For more complicated loading you probably want to use GtkHTMLStream. See gtk_html_begin.

gtk_html_construct ()

void        gtk_html_construct              (GtkWidget *html);

gtk_html_load_from_string ()

void        gtk_html_load_from_string       (GtkHTML *html,
                                             const gchar *str,
                                             gint len);

gtk_html_begin ()

GtkHTMLStream* gtk_html_begin               (GtkHTML *html);

Opens a new stream to load new content into the GtkHTML widget html.

gtk_html_begin_content ()

GtkHTMLStream* gtk_html_begin_content       (GtkHTML *html,
                                             gchar *content_type);

Opens a new stream to load new content of type content_type into the GtkHTML widget given in html.

gtk_html_write ()

void        gtk_html_write                  (GtkHTML *html,
                                             GtkHTMLStream *handle,
                                             const gchar *buffer,
                                             size_t size);

Writes size bytes of buffer to the stream pointed to by stream.

gtk_html_end ()

void        gtk_html_end                    (GtkHTML *html,
                                             GtkHTMLStream *handle,
                                             GtkHTMLStreamStatus status);

Close the GtkHTMLStream represented by stream and notify html that is should not expect any more content from that stream.

gtk_html_save ()

gboolean    gtk_html_save                   (GtkHTML *html,
                                             GtkHTMLSaveReceiverFn receiver,
                                             gpointer data);

gtk_html_export ()

gboolean    gtk_html_export                 (GtkHTML *html,
                                             const char *type,
                                             GtkHTMLSaveReceiverFn receiver,
                                             gpointer data);

Export the current document into the content type given by content_type, by calling the function listed in receiver data becomes avaiable. When receiver is called user_data is passed in as the user_data parameter.

gtk_html_print ()

void        gtk_html_print                  (GtkHTML *html,
                                             GnomePrintContext *print_context);

gtk_html_print_with_header_footer ()

void        gtk_html_print_with_header_footer
                                            (GtkHTML *html,
                                             GnomePrintContext *print_context,
                                             gdouble header_height,
                                             gdouble footer_height,
                                             GtkHTMLPrintCallback header_print,
                                             GtkHTMLPrintCallback footer_print,
                                             gpointer user_data);

gtk_html_get_title ()

const gchar* gtk_html_get_title             (GtkHTML *html);

Retrieve the title of the document currently loaded in the GtkHTML widget.

gtk_html_jump_to_anchor ()

gboolean    gtk_html_jump_to_anchor         (GtkHTML *html,
                                             const gchar *anchor);

Scroll the document display to show the HTML anchor listed in anchor

gtk_html_set_default_background_color ()

void        gtk_html_set_default_background_color
                                            (GtkHTML *html,
                                             GdkColor *c);

gtk_html_set_default_content_type ()

void        gtk_html_set_default_content_type
                                            (GtkHTML *html,
                                             gchar *content_type);

gtk_html_allow_selection ()

void        gtk_html_allow_selection        (GtkHTML *html,
                                             gboolean allow);

gtk_html_get_object_by_id ()

gpointer    gtk_html_get_object_by_id       (GtkHTML *html,
                                             const gchar *id);