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XSane - Batch scan window

Batch scan window


Main window:
Color correction:
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Advanced options window

Batch scan:

The batch scan window displays a list of selected areas and images (when a preview scan has been done).


The images are updated when a new preview scan is done or the gamma correction has changed.

The batch scan function can be used in all scanmodes (viewer, save, copy, fax, email) and as gimp plugin.

new-batch-list    Empty batch scan list:

Remove all selections form the batch scan list.

open-batch-list    Open batch scan list:

Read a batch scan list from disk.

save-batch-list    Save batch scan list:

Store batch scan list to disk.

batch-scan-add    Batch scan add area:

Adds the selected area to the batch scan list.

batch-scan-delete    Remove selection from batch scan list:

Remove the selected area (marked) from the batch scan list.

batch-scan-rename    Rename selection from batch scan list:

Rename the selected area (marked).

rotate90 rotate180 rotate270    Rotate image 90, 180, 270 degree:

Rotates the image by 90, 180, 270 degree (clockwise).

mirror-x mirror-y    Mirror image at vertical or horizontal axis:

Mirrors the image at vertical or horizontal axis.

Scan batch list:

Scans each image that is displayed in the batch scan list.

Scan selected area:

Scans the selected (marked) image.

Author: Oliver Rauch