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XSane - Copy mode

Main window in copy mode


Main window:
Color correction:
Standard options window

Advanced options window

Batch scan:

In Copy mode, the scanned image is sent directly to the selected printer.


colormode    Scanmode:
Select scanmode, e.g.: color, grayscale, halftone, lineart.
scansource    Scansource:
Select scansource, e.g.: Flatbed, Transparency, Automatic Document Feeder.
medium    Scanmedium:
Select scanmedium, e.g.: slide, standard negative, Agfa negative, ... or Full range.
printer    Printer:
Select the printer on which the scanned image shall be printed. In the box with the number you can select the number of copies that shall be created.

Paper orientation and image position:

portrait-center portrait-top-left portrait-top-right portrait-bottom-left portrait-bottom-right    portrait:    center, top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right
landscape-center landscape-top-left landscape-top-right landscape-bottom-left landscape-bottom-right    landscape:    center, top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right

zoom    Zoom factor:
Select the zoom factor for the photocopy. XSane automatically selects the correct scan resolution in dependance of the zoom factor and the defined printer resolutions.
The options of the printer and the printer command can be set in the menu Preferences/Setup

Author: Oliver Rauch