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XSane - Mail setup

Mail setup


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You open the setup window via the menu preferences/setup in the main window of xsane.



Enter your email address.


Enter the email address to which the receiver shall answer. If this is the same as the from address enter the same address again.


This is the address of the smtp server.


Here you have to enter the port number on which the smtp server expects smtp connections. The standard port number is 25.

POP3 authentification:

Some smtp servers expect authentification before accepting any mail. The smtp protocol does not define any authentification routines. A lot of smtp servers expect that you authentificate yourself via the pop3 authentification routines.

POP3 server:

This is the address of the pop3 server.

POP3 port:

Here you have to enter the port number on which the pop3 server expects pop3 connections. The standard port number is 110.

POP3 user:

Enter your username for the pop3 server.

POP3 password:

Enter the password for the pop3 server. Pay attention, this can be a security hole. The user and password is stored in the xsane.rc file in ~/.sane/xsane/xsane.rc. The password is not stored in plain text but it is simple to reconstruct the password from the entry in xsane.rc. If you enter your pop3 password here make sure no one gets access to your xsane.rc file.


Enter the program that shall be used to display a scanned image when the show image button is pressed in the mail dialog. The program has to be able to display png images.

Author: Oliver Rauch